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Dr. Chiaki Kawashima

The first step in solving skin problems is to find out the cause.

Conducting the most suitable therapies and treatments individualized for each patient's needs is the “shortcut for beautiful skin.”

A4M Peptide Certified・Japanese Dermatological Association・The Society of Aesthetic Dermatology・Japanese Cosmetic Science Society・Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery・Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine・Dr.OBAGI Certifying Doctor・ThermaCool Certifying Doctor・Japanese Laser Society Certified Doctor・Member of the American Society of Laser Medicine・Certified Doctor・Member of the American Anti-Aging Society・Restylene・Certified Doctor・Dublo Certified Doctor・Garderma Company Certified Trainer

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A message from Dr. Chiaki Kawashima
The first step in solving skin problems is to find out the cause. Conducting the therapy and treatment which are most suitable for the cause and symptoms of a problem is the “shortcut for beautiful skin.” Like many women including yourselves, I used to have skin problems. Hence, I would like to recover your skin’s own beauty as effectively as possible based on my own experience.

After graduating from Tokyo Medical University, I became a dermatologist. I have much experience working at various dermatology clinics located in the Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai areas.

I have also been participating in various meetings, not only in Japan, but also in other countries, such as those held by the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Attending and participating in these meetings has enabled me to actively integrate the latest techniques into my practice.

I am a member of the Japanese Dermatology Association, the Society of Aesthetic Dermatology, the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Society of Anti-aging Medicine for Women, a Fellow menber of ASLMS(American Society for laser medicine & Surgery). I am also certified to perform Dr. Obagi's cosmetics and ThermaCool treatments.



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