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Botox for Hay Fever

Botox is usually used for improving wrinkles however it is also effective for blocking neural transmission, therefore, by applying botox on the nasal cavity, you can avoid the symptoms of hay fever. Botox treatment for wrinkles is by injection however the nasal cavity can absorb the botox by rhinenchysis so you can have the treatment without any pain. The treatment does not cure hay fever but relieves the symptoms of it such as running nose, blocked nose and itchy eyes. There are no side effects and Azabu Skin Clinic recommends the botox treatment for people who would like to avoid the sleepiness and fatigue from taking oral medication. *You can have the botox treatment in combination with other hay fever treatments.

Characteristics of hay fever botox treatment

- No Side Effects
There are no side effects, so you won�t feel sleepy or fatigue. After applying botox inside the nose, the mucous membrane of the throat will not be affected even if the botox goes into the throat.

- No Pain
You might feel a bit uncomfortable when the thin tube is being inserted into your nose. There is no pain and no odor.

-Treatment Time
Treatment takes about 5 minutes (You will rest about 10 minutes after the treatment)

Effects can last for a week to a few months depending on the individuals. It is recommended to have the treatments 2 to 3 times during the hay fever season. *You can have the botox treatment in combination with other hay fever treatments.


  1. Consultation with a English speaking doctor.
  2. Instillation of Botox on nasal cavity by injection with thin tube.
  3. (Takes about 5 minutes)
  4. Lying down about 10 minutes till botox penetrates to nasal cavity.
  5. You can feel the effects within a few hours after the treatment.
[Trial] ¥12,900
[1 Session] ¥18,000
*All prices are tax exclusive.


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