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Peptide Therapy

What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide Therapy is effective in treating a wide array of conditions.
Recent medical studies show that Peptide Therapy significantly helps in combating certain ailments associated with aging.
Peptide Therapy works synonymously with Hormone Replacement Therapy to improve several functions of the human body including hormone production, tissue repair and healing, brain function, reproductive systems, sleep cycle, weight loss, and sexual function.
At Azabu Skin Clinic, our Doctor determines the appropriate Peptide Therapy that is right for our patients to help achieve their desired outcome.

What are Peptides?

Peptides play a major role in how the human body functions.
Peptides are short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds.
Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and many other different types of organic molecules.
Peptides are frequently created by the digestion of proteins in the body, and many types of peptides are readily and rapidly absorbed by the bloodstream.

Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice is evidence-based practice of assisting individuals to adopt and sustain behaviors that can improve health and quality of life.
With the help of a medical professional, prevention and treatment of disorders caused by lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical inactivity, and chronic stress can be acieved.

Achieving the Quality of Life

Achieving the quality of life can be done realistically and more efficiently with the assistance of a medical professional. At Azabu Skin Clinic, patient concerns are managed using evidence based medical treatments. Each of these treatments are customized and tailor-fitted according to the patient’s current condition and needs.

Age and Gender

Whether you are in your late 20s or early 40s to 60s, you must always be at your optimum health and wellness to enjoy every stage of your life. If you are a sports enthusiast, an active employee, a dedicated parent, a relaxed retiree, or whatever phase you may be in your life, there should always be a conscious effort to stay healthy and feel good from within. However, as the body ages, staying healthy gets tougher and harder.

The average female begins to notice a decline in health around her late 30s – early 40s and this is usually because of the hormonal imbalance that occurs within. Eventually, the female body will undergo menopause and experience all of its accompanying symptoms.

The average male’s health gradually declines after the age of thirty. Related with this decline are loss of lean muscle mass, increased fat especially in unwanted areas of the body and development of other age-related diseases.

Identifying problems and deficiencies, especially at an early stage, is crucial for a person to remain healthy. With the help and supervision of a medical professional, plus regular exercise, proper nutrition, supplements, and medications, we can prevent and mitigate the symptoms that come naturally and inevitably with aging.

At Azabu Skin Clinic, we will do a full blood work-up and intensive consultation with our highly-experienced Doctor to address all deficiencies and get you back on the road to good health – and keep you on that track.

See our Doctor and start living the quality of life that you deserve today!

Kinds of Peptides

BPC – 157

BPC stands for “Body Protecting Compound”. The human body already makes its own gastric juices in very small amounts which serves to protect and heal the body. However, in super concentrated dosage of this that gets in the human body’s system, it produces an extremely high level of biological healing activity just about anywhere it is put.

Since Peptides are naturally present in the body, BPC has no side-effects. It can be taken orally or easily injected subcutaneously.

BPC accelerates the healing of many different wounds, including tendon to bone healing and damaged ligaments. It protects organs and prevents ulcers of the stomach (usually arising from the damaging effects of NSAIDs like ibuprofen on the gut lining).

Other diseases that it can cure and repair are:

-inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
-Ulcerative Colitis(UC)
-Crohn’s disease
-Autoimmune disease
-Inflammatory conditions
-Cardiovascular diseases
-Leaky gut

For athletes, sports enthusiasts, and people who exercise rigorously or on a daily basis, BPC can decrease pain in damaged areas, keep the body in anabolic state during or post-exercise, and stave off the central nervous system fatigue during long bouts of exercise.injuries more quickly.

Addiionally,BPC has shown to protect organs and aids in the prevention of gastric ulcers,leaky guts,IBS,Crohn’s disease.


GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide) is a peptide to stimulate Pituitary to release Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone is clinically proven to help sustain health and vitality well beyond middle age.

The benefits of this Peptide include:

-For those feeling weak, tired, fatigued ☐ a boost of energy, strength, and endurance
-For body-builders, gym enthusiasts ☐ build new muscle cells to increase lean body mass
-For those who are trying to lose weight ☐ break down body fat and fatty acid
-For Diabetics or genetically susceptible to Diabetes ☐ reduce the liver’s uptake of glucose
-For those who are in their prime years ☐ improve heart function, strengthen bone density by increasing calcium retention, regulate insulin-producing pancreatic islets
☐rebalance other hormones
☐slow down tissue degeneration on a cellular level
☐accelerate wound healing
☐enhance non-REM (rapid eye movement) slow wave sleep
☐increase protein synthesis


GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) is a peptide that offers therapeutic benefits symbiotic to GHRP. It also stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone leading to fat loss, lean muscle growth, and slow-wave sleep. Slow-wave sleep is also known as deep sleep and it is the portion of sleep responsible for body repair, muscle growth and memory retention,fat loss.

GHRH also stimulates extra-pituitary organs and gives various benefits including stimulating stem cells.

Brain Peptide

his Peptide is responsible for neuroprotective and neurotrophic repair properties. This peptide can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and act directly on the neurons of the central nervous system. It has been found to improve the metabolic activity of brain tissue, shield neurons from harmful proinflammatory cytokines, and stimulate the peripheral and central nervous systems. This peptide has been discovered to be a promising cure to brain inflammation,stress,Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and moderate to severe head injury. The Brain Peptide enhances cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, and motivation in otherwise healthy individuals.

Sex-Enhancing Peptide

Unlike Viagra and other related medications, the Sex-Enhancing Peptide does not employ the use of the vascular system but directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system. This makes it safer and more efficient for the user. This peptide has been medically proven to cause sexual arousal and treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Thymus Hormone

This peptide’s primary function is to stimulate the production of T cells which are an important part of the immune system. Thymus Hormone also produces antibodies through developing the B cells in the body. Another major benefit of this peptide is tissue repair. Thymus Hormone has been found to play an important role in protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured or damaged tissues.

Thymus hormone also protect central neural system and balance pro- inflammatory cytokines in the brain and neurons.


Bioidentical Hormones are synergetic with Peptides. Hormones in the body should constantly be regulated and maintained while Peptide molecules control and replenish those hormones. When Hormone Replacement Therapy is combined with Peptide Therapy, optimal wellness and advanced anti-aging can be experienced on a greater level.

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