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Ultra V Lift

Stimulate new collagen generation by Ultrafine Thread!!

For the V lift, we utilize an ultrafine thread
that is finer than hair and biodegradable.
After the thread is placed in the skin,
it dissolves completely over an 8-month period. It stimulates skin tissue,
generating new collagen that lifts areas
that are sagging, wrinkling and have lost elasticity. Benefits include minimal bruising, less swelling and invisible scarring after the procedure, and make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure.

Optimum effects for thin-skin areas!

Ultrafine threads are ideal for face, eye areas and neck.

High dissolvability ensures thread safety and effective collagen generation

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a very safe, biodegradable thread used in medical treatment. The thread itself dissolves over a period of 6-8 months, absorbed completely.

  • Immediate, long-lasting effect
    The fine thread and needle create a miniscule incision, resulting in minimal bruising and swelling complications.
  • Promotes lymph circulation, repairs skin and corrects fine wrinkles
    The ultrafine thread stimulates the skin from inside, promotes blood and lymph circulation, and increases the metabolism as acupuncture.
  • Effective for forehead and neck wrinkles too!
    Nearly limitless applicability.
    The use of ultrafine threads simplify the V lift process, widely expanding the procedure application scope. It can be customized to meet individual needs and requests.
30 threads JPY 4,267 per thread 50 threads JPY 3,000 per thread
Now only JPY 128,000 Now only JPY 150,000
70 threads JPY 2,643 per thread 80 threads JPY 2,475 per thread
Now only JPY 185,000 Now only JPY 198,000
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