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Carbomed:Carbon dioxide therapy


Eliminates cellulite
Dissolves fat
Tightens skin




About Carbomed

Carbon dioxide gas is injected into subcutaneous fat to reduce fat in the face, upper arm, abdomen, calf, thigh and hip. A pocket of carbon dioxide gas in the body causes oxygen to be released from the blood, and this markedly activates the metabolism of the skin and subcutaneous fat. Consequently, this reduces cellulite, dissolves fat in target areas and tightens the skin.

In other words, this therapy induces physical reactions resembling those occurring after aerobic exercise to tighten target areas.

After therapy, there is slight tightness, redness and tenderness, but you can return home immediately after therapy without any down time.

More effective slimming and skin tightening can be achieved by combining Carbomed, Endermologie and CET thermotherapy.

For the best results, this therapy should be performed twice weekly Required session depends on individuals


Special Price:

Body slimming program
*Endermologie & Carbomed each 10 Sessions
¥248,850 or ¥311,850 (depending on area)
If you apply for 10 Sessions, CET Thermotherapy 2 Sessions for free!

*1 Session ¥21,000 or ¥31,500 (depending on area)

*10 Sessions ¥126,000 or ¥189,000 (depending on area)

Regular Price:
(we estimate a set price depending on the areas you request)

Calf,Waist, Thigh(inside or outside), Abobe Knee, Upper Arm, Hip
*1 Session ¥21,000
*10 Sessions ¥126,000
*14 Session ¥176,400

Entire Waist area, Thigh(front, back)
*1 Session ¥31,500
*10 Sessions ¥189,000
*14 Session ¥246,000


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