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RF therapy
Polaris Laser

About Polaris Laser

A new therapeutic device combining diode laser and radio frequency (RF) approved by the American FDA.

Mainly used to improve the appearance
of loose skin, skin texture, skin tone,
large pores and fine wrinkles.

Both the diode laser and RF energy act on the dermis to increase collagen and
elastin production by the upper to the medium layers of the skin.

The American FDA has recognized the safety of this device and has approved its use for humans.

No down time
While enough energy is applied to beautify the skin, the special cooling device
allows this therapy to be performed without damaging the skin's surface.
It is therefore gentle on the skin and causes minimal pain. You will be able to put
makeup on and resume normal activities immediately after the treatment.

*Diode laser and RF energy heat the upper to the medium region of the dermis to tighten the skin and facilitate collagen formation.

RF and diode laser synergistically stimulate the dermis layer

Two different energy sources concentrate in the dermis layer to effectively heat the dermis which facilitates skin rejuvenation. Cooling minimizes damage to the skin surface.

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