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Buttock lift (ThermaCool CPT + Hyaluronic acid injection)

You can have more attractive buttocks!

This highly effective treatment is recommended for people,
who have flat and square-shaped buttocks with less volume on the top half,
giving a sagging appearance of the entire buttocks.

Reasons for recommendation
○ No surgery required.
You can go back to the ordinary life on the same day.
○ Buttock lift is possible without letting others notice it.
○ No incision but injection without leaving any scar.
During the discount period for the Body ThermaCool treatment,
the injection of hyaluronic acid 10cc
on the buttocks is offered at additional
the injection of hyaluronic acid 100cc
on the buttocks is offered at additional


Dr.Chiaki Kawashima has been certified by Galderama(Switzland) as a Hyaluronic Acid Filler injection instructor.

What is ThermaCool?

Thermacool CPT stimulates the renewal of new collagen through the use of radiofrequency technology.
This technology heats the collagen rich layers of the skin to help tighten existing collagen and stimulate the formation of new collagen.

This process results in the following benefits:
> Reduces sagging
> Renews body contours
> Improves the smoothness of the skin
> Smoothes skin texture

ThermaCool Certificate.
Dr. Kawashima
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