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Face Lift

Transportation fee support 6,000 yen !
If you sign up for a course on the same day, you will receive additional 6,000 yen as transportation fee!
Provide transportation expenses for residents outside Kantou area.

For those who are concerned about the treatment of saggy skin...

There are various types of treatment for saggy skin, and sometimes it may be difficult to determine the most appropriate for your condition.
Our doctor will suggest the best treatment method and treatment plan for you.

Result-oriented Rejuvenation Procedures

Facelift surgery is the procedure to address hanging general facial skin, neck and around the eyes.
It is the most effective, and long-lasting rejuvenation procedure.
Results commonly achieve a look of five to ten years younger,
halting the aging process and turning back the clock.
Since the stitches are within the hairline, the scar is not pronounced.

Latest Overall Lift Method Works deep Within the Skin

The types of facelift vary according to the tissue layers treated, and are divided as follows:
(1) Skin-only lift
(2) Subperiosteal lift
(3) SMAS lift

Our clinic offers the SMAS facelift, which is a minimal invasive procedure and the most effective.
To resolve sagging skin on the cheeks and neck,
the procedure lifts not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous layer which is necessary.
This is why we recommend the SMAS lift.

Enjoy the Synergistic Effects of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Procedures
After lifting the face line via facelift, why not add a Thermacool, Doublo or Titan treatment as a combination follow-up procedure. Gain the synergistic effects that help attain more beautiful skin and stronger lifting, thus giving more effective, long-lasting results. Be sure to try our special menu, only available at Azabu Skin Clinic!
Facelift Neck lift
JPY 800,000 JPY 600,000
Temporal facelift from
JPY 400,000
Polaris laser / Carbomed / Therma cool / Photofacial(IPL) / Collagen,Restylane,Humancollagen / Pore carbon laser / Dr's Chemical peeling (AHA,BHA,TCA) / Botox / Ingection (Lip augumentation,nose augummentation / Injections and infusions / Piercing / Laser suregery / Excessive sweating,Botox injection (Armpits,Palms) / Eczema,Atopic dermatitis / Keloid / Wart,Mole / Laser hair removal / Airbrush tanning / CET Thermotherapy / Endermologie /Ionization・ultrasound (Vitamin C,Hyarulonic acid) / Permanent for eyelashes / Mascara(Last3~4weeks) / Eyelash extension
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