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Counseling reservation

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*The consultation fee at our clinic costs 3,000 yen (Tax Exclusive).

Counseling reservation

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You can also send FAX to us at 03-5798-4862 with completed Mail Consultation Form.

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*If you make a reservation and in a hurry. Please call us within 3 days*Depending on the condition of medical treatment on the day, there maybe cases where the medical treatment time will be delay on the time of reservation.It is highly likely that you will have to wait especially on Saturdays. We will make every effort to provide medical treatment and treatment at the time you make a reservation, but please note that it may past the reservation time.
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your specific concern or let us know the desired course of treatment.

It might be take some time for us to reply if the inquiry is sent on Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday. However, we will try as early as we can. Please call our clinic directly if you have an urgent request.

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