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Very High Potency Vitamin C DIV, Whitening IV,
Energy Recovery

Very High Potency Vitamin C DIV

Very High Potency Vitamin C DIV is a drip infusion that contains very high level of vitamin C which is difficult to take in the body from cosmetics and oral medications. By having vitamin C concentration in the blood elevated, there is a great effect on preventing diseases and maintaining healthy condition. Also, it is effective for antiaging and beauty improvement like whitening the skin, or keeping elasticity of your skin.


Improve Immunity

With regular DIV take, immunity improves and health condition is maintained. You are more resistant to infectious diseases like a cold .


Highly effective for whitening and energy recovery


Very High Potency Vitamin C DIV

Trial ¥8,000
5 sessions ¥56,100
10 sessions ¥98,500
Trial ¥14,800
5 sessions ¥60,000
10 sessions ¥110,000

*Our high concentration Vitamin C does not contain preservatives.

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Beyonce Injection

Popular in Korea! Effective for whitening!

A combination of Glutathione and Vitamin C.It's popularity increased when it was rumored to be used by Beyonce to achieve a lighter and flawless complexion.This treatment is the form of an intravenous drip and the ingredients are popular among effective whitening treatments.It suppresses the activation of melanin and is highly effective for toning-up the skin.
Aside from whitening,it also has detoxification effects.

1 sessions ¥5,000
10 sessions ¥45,000

Energy recovery (Energy Boost)

Main ingredient is garlic component. It has a great effect on energy recovery. 

10 sessions ¥45,000

Skin trouble improvement (Skin Care Emergency)

It contains high level of multiple vitamins and is effective for skin trouble

1 time  ¥5,000  

Strength buildup( Power Charge)

This is the best way of recharging nutrition such as amino acid and vitamins and reduces tiredness and improves physical weakness.


An amino acid that burns and converts fat into energy for the body.
It also boosts the immune system and helps the body fight chronic fatigue.

 ・Burns fat
 ・Diabetes Mellitus
 ・Heart Disease
 ・Improves stamina
 ・Enhances cognitive functions

Intravenous Drips

Glutathione Intravenous Drips

800mg       ¥5,400    Trial
800mg       ¥24,000  5 session
800mg       ¥44,400  10 session
1,200mg      ¥8,400    Trial
1,200mg      ¥36,000  5 session
1,200mg      ¥67,200  10 session
1,600mg       ¥11,400    Trial
1,600mg       ¥47,400  5 session
1,600mg       ¥88,800  10 session
2,000mg       ¥14,400   Trial
2,000mg       ¥60,000   5 session
2,000mg       ¥114,000   10 session

Vitamin C can be added to complement any of those above:
1g for JPY 2,500 and 2g for JPY 3,600 and 3g for JPY 4,800

*The effect will be seen with regular treatments, once every 1-2 weeks.

*All prices are tax exclusive.

Myers? Cocktail

Myers? Cocktail is an infusion therapy concocted by Dr. John Myers in the USA. It is highly popular in the States such as in Hollywood and New York where artists and businessmen who live busy and demanding lives need a boost to maintain their health.

Physiologically, the body?s natural healing and regeneration processes is aided by vitamins and minerals. An additional in-take of these vitamins and minerals increases the body?s natural capacity to replace and regenerate healthy cells and other essential components. The vitamins and minerals that can be found in Myers' Cocktail are the same as the same ones that are present in the human body so it is absorbed quickly, especially since it is administered intravenously. Myers? Cocktail is most effective when regularly received on a weekly basis.

Targets the following symptoms: Bronchial asthma / general malaise / fatigue / Migraine attack / acute upper respiratory inflammation / urticaria / chronic sinusitis / Hyperthyroidism / chronic fatigue syndrome / allergic rhinitis / menstrual irregularity / fibromyalgia / menopausal symptoms / etc.

Trial ¥9,500
5 session ¥55,000
10 sessions ¥98,000

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