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Laser Treatment
(pigmentation, Freckles, Sun Spots)

Laser Treatment (pigmentation, Freckles, Sun Spots)

The Alexandrite Laser is used to remove sun spots or age spots. Within two to three days after your spots have been removed, a scab or crust will begin to form over the treated area. And you can expect your scab or crust to shed naturally after seven to ten days after treatment.

CET Thermotherapy and VitaminC Therapy is recommended
for the fast recovery and the further skin rejuvenation.

pigmentation, Freckles, Sun Spots


The doctor inspects a mole whether benign or malignant during a consultation and then treats with an operation or laser treatment.


Wart which is caused by ageing is called verruca senilis and forms on face, neck, and abdomen. On the other hand, verruca vulgaris which is caused by virus is mainly seen on face, hands, and fingers. A laser treatment is especially effective for verruca senilis.

CO2 laser

Local Injection Treatment

Oral Medicine Treatment

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