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Hyaluronic acid with fine micro particles


Dr.Chiaki Kawashima has been certified by Galderama(Switzland) as a Hyaluronic Acid Filler injection instructor.

Innovative new Hyaluronic acid with fine micro particles, scientifically proven to improve wrinkles, skin quality and smoothness and can also be used to revitalize the face, neck, decolletage and hands. This filler consists of a series of very fine micro Hyaluronic acid and is designed to use for areas such as fine wrinkles and thin skin that were formerly difficult to treat with conventional fillers to improve by osmosis. The gel types Hyaluronic acid which wouldnft give you uneven and discomfort and even thin skin areas would achieve overall natural beauty. It also provides deep dermal hydration. Even a single session would give you great benefits. These beneficial results can be maintained and more effective results achieved by having a few more sessions of the treatments.

Infuse with Hyaluronic acid under the skin evenly.
The original dedicated injector, an independently developed by Q-MED, is used to infuse a particle Hyaluronic acid to the delicate areas evenly and widely.


Improving elasticity, hydration and sheen
Correcting laugh lines and tightening up sagginess on cheeks.@
Enhancing osmosis of moisturizer and replenishing skin tone.
Improving large pores that occurs from sagginess and skin texture.


The treatment procedures

Consultation with the Doctor.
Removing make-up from the required areas.
Applying topical anesthetic cream ( about 30 mins)
Procedure performed with Q-MEDfs original and safe Hyaluronic acid (skin allergy reaction test is not necessary) with the original dedicated injector. The Doctor adjusts the range and depth of the Hyaluronic acid individually to give you the best result.
Icing the treated areas.
Make up is possible after 2-3 hours.
Entire Face,Decolletage, Neck,Temples
<One bottle@2cc>  Trial114,000 →49,00057%OFF
<Two bottle@4cc>  Trial228,000 →80,00065%OFF

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