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Doublo Gold + Thermacool CPT
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Doublo Gold Body
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Doublo Gold
(Eye Areas)
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The First Doublo Gold in Japan!

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A cutting-edge treatment for sagging high density
ultrasound reaches to the muscular layer.

It aligns the sagging of the cheeks, nasolabial fold and the lining of the entire face, and lifts up from the fascia (subcutaneous skin layer) without the use of a scalpel. It can irradiate the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) with more stability and uniformity than the Ulthera. Since it also directly works on the SMAS layer (superficial fascia layer) and cutaneous layer, more effective lift-up with less pain is possible. Because it is the latest model of the Doublo Gold in the country, it destroys the adipose tissue of the fat and/or cellulite of not just the face but also the body; you can feel amazing slimming effects as well.

By directly applying thermal energy from the ultrasound to the SMAS fascia, it resolves sagging by lifting up from below the skin. Since the dermis contracts at the same time, lifting up effects are even greater.

The thermal energy from the ultrasound works deeply into the dermis layer·fascia layer and a strong lift-up effect can be felt. It can destroy the fat cells of the body.

It is not as painful as Ulthera, since it irradiates with more stability and uniformity and does not damage other layers.

Because it is equipped with the multi-transducer, it can accurately focus the ultrasound and reduces damage to the surrounding tissue. The Ulthera’s echo image is 16CH, but because the resolution of the echo image is 128CH, an “accurate” and “safe” treatment is possible.

Since there is no scarring or swelling from the treatment, there is no downtime and make-up is possible after the treatment.

It is not as painful as Ulthera, since it irradiates with more stability and uniformity and does not damage other layers.

▼Doublo Gold + Thermacool CPT

By combining the effects of the Doublo which pinpoints and lifts up the SMAS layer (superficial fascia layer: the layer below the dermis)—deeper than the cutaneous layer without the use of a scalpel and the effects of the Thermacool which lifts up the skin layer which is shallower than the SMAS layer, an even greater effect is produced.

▼ Doublo Gold (Eye Areas)

Look attractive with big bright eyes! Highly lifting effect for improving sagginess around eye areas.

▼ Doublo Gold Body

POINT 1 Effects can be felt immediately after just one procedure!
POINT 2 Removes fat cells. Stimulates production of new collagen in the dermis to tighten up the skin.
POINT 3 Effective for even cellulite and not just partial slimming!

Made possible because its the Doublo Gold, ultrasonic waves are precisely irradiated with the subcutaneous fat 13 mm as the focus. Thermal energy can be pinpointed and destroys fat cells to slim up from within.

Doublo Gold debuts, offering for the first time ever an amazing slimming effect from the dermis to the subcutaneous layer through the direct application of ultrasound energy.

left:before right:after

Recommended parts
Abdomen, thighs (back), hips, upper arms

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