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What is Melasma ?

There are a variety of factors that can cause dark spots or pigmentation to develop on your skin such as sunlight, aging and the female hormones. The form, the term of the disease and the treatment method for the pigmentation may also vary depending on the cause.

Among many types of skin discoloration, the type that is greatly related with ultraviolet rays and the female hormonepregnancy, giving birth and contraceptive pillsis called Melasma.

The symptoms of Melasma usually appear symmetrically, and they are commonly found on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip.

The physical condition and menstrual cycle may reflect on the shade or color of the pigmentation in some cases.
Although it is believed to be difficult to cure Melasma completely, it is possible to improve.

Let us help you find the treatment that is most suitable for your life style.


New model I2PL introduced

The latest I2PL is the latest model of the second generation phototherapy device developed by Ellipse. A safe and high effect can be achieved by irradiating light with a wide wavelength range.

High effect

Multiple therapeutic effects can be expected simultaneously with a wide range of wavelengths of light .?In addition to improving the overall skin quality such as skin texture, firmness and dullness, it can be expected to improve spots, freckles and redness of the face. ?Promotes collagen growth and increases elasticity from the skin. * The latest model I2PL is also a treatment for beautifying skin that has a higher therapeutic effect than cosmetics and esthetics. One or two treatments can produce clinical results that can be compared with five to six treatments with other phototherapy devices. It is.

Safe and secure

Since light of a wide range of wavelengths is milder than lasers, it is not necessary to attach drugs, tape or gauze.

Risk / side effects
There are cases of burns and subsequent pigmentation, but they are very rare compared to laser treatment.

Valid until the end of June.

Treatment options.

Photofacial. *Photofacial is not a laser treatment.
Oral medication.(vitamin C, tranexamic acid)
Topical medication.(Hidroquinon)

High energy spot removal laser treatment is not suitable for melasma.
It may darken the color of the legion.

Home care for melasma, spots, pigmentation

Navision / TA Lotion
Medical whitening lotion that suppresses melanin production as well as prevents new spots and freckles. Tranexamic acid (whitening agent) compound
150ml 6,000yen
Dr's cosmetics /
VC-IP7 Gel-Cream

Compound high concentrated derivative of lipid-soluble vitaminC that can be absorbed to skin well and prolong the effect. MS-PMD and other active ingredients
suppress active oxygen.
30g 9,500yen

Environ / Pigment Lotion Whitening lotion which containes a powerful active ingredient. This can control MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones), a cause of melanin production.
80ml 8.500yen

SkinCeuticals / CE Ferulic
Essence with powerful antioxidant combination of vitamin C 15% (L- ascorbic acid), vitamin E 1%, and Ferulic acid that helps reduce pigmentation and increase collagen production.
30ml  19,000yen

Dr's cosmetics
Contain very high potency vitamin C that has effects of antiaging, elasticity, and whitening with antioxidant action.
Vitamin C Serum 10%  30ml 8,000yen
Vitamin C Serum 15%  30ml 9,000yen

*All prices are tax exclusive.

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