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Cavitation RF

Cavitation RF treatment uses the innovative technique to destruct your fat cell membranes and cellulite. No concern about rebound!

Cavitation RF uses ultrasonic sound beams that deliver into skin and fat layer. The ultrasonic beams make 28000~40000 times vibration per second. The vibration produces strong waves of pressure and bubbles in fat cell membranes. The bubbles come into existence and disappearance repeatedly and rapidly. Cavitation is the rapid formation and collapse of millions of tiny bubbles (or cavities) in a liquid content. Cavitation is produced by pressure waves generated by ultrasonic sound. As fat cell membranes cannot withstand this pressure, it will explode into the liquid content, and destroy fat tissues. As the result, bloated fat cell membranes and cellulite would no longer exist. This technique is deferent from original slimming methods. Cavitation RF treatment can destroy fat cells completely. There is no concern about rebound.


Radio Frequency

Applying Radio frequency energy selectively in the deep dermis from the skin surface, and the heat energy tightens up your skin. You can expect great results to slim down.


This machine is used by regardless of age and gender. Especially, if you are diagnosed as obesity, you can expect positive results from the treatment. There are range of areas where you can receive this treatment, such as waist, hips, thighs, calves, arms, and etc.. You can realize the effects of Cavitation RF immediately after the treatment. Also, once fat cell membranes are destroyed, the fat cells will be unrenewable, and the disappearing cell will not be formatted again. Thus, you will have your ideal figure without any signs of rebound.
1. Before the treatment. The fat cells are density of packed with each others.
2. Bubbles are generated. It starts destroying fat cell membranes.
3. Bubbles are exploded. The fat cells are expanded and degenerated.
4. The fat cells are disrupted and neutral fat run into lymph fluid.
5. Only the fat cells are destroyed and there is no harm to capillaries at all.

Canpaign Price

Waist, Abdomen, Hip, Thigh, Calf, Ankle, Arm, and etc.
Regular Price 35,300yen
13,290yen 62%OFF

Regular Price 353,000yen
10 sessions
132,900yen 48%OFF (@ 13,290yen)

Regular Price 529,500yen
15 sessions
175,000yen 50%OFF (@ 11,666yen)

Regular Price 706,000yen
20 sessions
179,000yen 49%OFF (@ 8,950yen)
2 Complimentary Session of Cavitation RF
Purchase a 20 sessions course and choose 2 body parts from below.
Regular Price 1,059,000yen
30 sessions
238,500yen 77%OFF (@ 7,950yen)
2 Complimentary Session of Cavitation RF
Purchase a 30 sessions course and choose 3 body parts from below.
Regular Price 1,412,000yen
40 sessions
298,000yen 78%OFF (@ 7,450yen)
2 Complimentary Session of Cavitation RF
Purchase a 40 sessions course and choose 4 body parts from below.
Regular Price 1,765,000yen
50 sessions
347,500yen 80%OFF (@ 6,950yen)
2 Complimentary Session of Cavitation RF
Purchase a 50 sessions course and choose 5 body parts from below.

Choose from abdomen, arms, back, lower back thighs (front or back) and hips.

*All prices are tax exclusive.

** You can have a trial course one time only for each procedure


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