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Dark Circles

Dark Circles

The causes of Dark Circle are ①Poor Blood Circulation ②Skin discoloration, and ③ Sagginess.

①Poor blood circulation is often caused by stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and excessive stimulus of light over long hours such as over exposure to computer.
②Skin discoloration is caused by over production and buildup of Melanin due to UV exposure or inflammation from skin irritation.
③Elastin and Collagen content decreases as you age. And your skin becomes no longer able to keep its suppleness. The shadow of sagginess may appear as the discoloration on the skin.

Even though the options to treat the sensitive eye area narrow, there are ways.

CET Thermotherapy
High-frequency thermal energy heats the deep areas of the body to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow, thereby elevating the basal metabolism and activating cells.
CET thermotherapy is effective in improving skin texture, achieving a non-surgical face lift effect, whitening the skin, improving elasticity and rejuvenating the skin.

Eyes by Thermage
Eye by Thermage radio frequency waves with special tip made just for the sensitive eye area to act on dermis as deep as the fibers in between the subcutaneous fat tissues tightening the skin without damaging the epidermis. Increased collagen production improves sagginess and tired impression around the eyes.

Fractional Resurfacing
Up to 1000+ microscopic laser beams per 1cm² are delivered into the skin. The coagulated tissue will be replaced with new ones by natural healing process. And the collagen remodeling will be increased as well by the thermal energy delivered to the dermis.
This versatile new technique is also effective particularly for improvement of acne scars and enlarged pores, as well as pigmentation, wrinkles, sagginess of the skin without any surgical methods.

Chemical Peeling
After properly studying the skin type and its sensitivity, the physician will determine the type of peeling agent or agents and their concentration based on individual’s skin condition. The selection of the chemical agent also depends on the extent and depth of skin damage. As skin cell turn over is stimulated to accelerate, skin becomes brighter and more supple as melanin layers are exfoliated, and collagen production is increased.

Vitamin C Therapy ( Iontophoresis treatment)
High concentration of powerful antioxidant agent, Vitamin C is effectively delivered deep into dermis and fibroblast cells using repulsive electromotive force to accelerate the collagen production and the to reduce the melanin production.

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