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PDT treatment (Photodynamic therapy)

PDT (Photodynamic therapy) potentiates the effect of light therapy (Photofacial / V beam laser) more efficiently by applying special medicine (Aminolevulinic acid) to enhance photosensitivity. Aminolevulinic acid is absorbed into the sebaceous gland and cancer cells selectively. Thus, it potentiates the effect of light therapy for treated area. PDT is a new, effective treatment for certain conditions of skin, such as acne, acne scar, senile sebaceous hyperplasia, oily skin, reddish face, broken capillaries, solar keratoses, Bowen’s disease, basal cell carcinoma and keratosis. It also helps rejuvenate your skin.


This PDT therapy is especially suitable for patients with persistent acne who had difficulty improving acne by existing treatments such as chemical peeling, light therapy, topical and oral medication. Aminolevulinic acid will be absorbed into sebaceous gland of skin and make porphyrin. IPL (Photofacial) rays will react to porphyrin and destroy selectively sebaceous gland. Furthermore, acne bacteria will absorb aminolevulinic acid and increase porphyrin, and react to rays. As a result of synergetic effect, it enables to change your skin type more healthy without acne, and decrease sebum secretion and acne bacteria.

Flow of PDT treatment

1. Have a consultation with our doctor.
2. Apply Aminolevulinic acid to your entire face or specific spots. Leave it about 1 to 2 hours to penetrate Aminolevulinic acid deeply into the skin
3. Irradiate light on your skin.
4. Cool your face down.
5. Right after the procedure, you could wear makeup. Your skin would get red or swollen after the treatment.

*Please avoid sunlight especially for a few days after procedure.


Full Face Cheek
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