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Sagginess Around the Eyes

【Treatment contents】

It is a treatment that aims to improve the symptoms you are interested in by injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin for depressions and sagging under the eyes.

【Side effects / risks of treatment】

There is some pain at the time of injection because of the treatment using the needle. Rarely, internal bleeding or swelling may occur, but it will disappear almost once or two weeks.
Treatment price: ¥7,900-¥110,000

Sagginess around Eyes

Now we can take years off your “droopy upper eyelids” and “sagging lower eyelids” that not even the most expensive make-up can conceal without undergoing surgery.

Until recently surgery has been the only option for the treatment for droopiness or sagginess around the eyes. However, improvements in medical equipment and advanced techniques have made it possible to treat the complex eye area without surgery.

Droopiness and sagginess around the eye area is one of the most frequently consulted issues at our clinic, and it is also one of the most common sources of anxiety. Treatment options vary depending on the symptom and the cause of your condition.
At your initial consultation, our Physician will examine your skin and advise you on the most effective treatment plan based on our extensive knowledge and experience.


Causes of Sagging Skin Checklist
□ I tend to be regularly exposed to sunlight
□ I am involved in a lot of outdoor activities
□ I do not wear sunscreen with SPF 50 or more
□ I am often under a lot of stress
□ I have very dry skin
□ I do not use moisturizers or hydrating creams
□ I am a cigarette smoker
□ I have lost a lot of weight recently
□ My diet is not nutritionally well-balanced
□ I often drink alcoholic beverages

Treatment for sagginess around the eye area.

Signs of aging are more noticeable around the eye area because the skin is thinner and more delicate. However, you can delay the aging process and restore youthful skin by receiving the appropriate treatment.
Improved skin around your eye area can effect the impression significantly of how you look.
Youthful looking skin around the eye can effect your impression significantly.

Sagginess and wrinkles around the eyes

Fractional Resurfacing
Fractional resurfacing is the latest and revolutionary new system that delivers between 100 and 1000+ microscopic laser beams per square centimeter to the skin. Collagen remodeling is increased by the thermal energy delivered to the dermis and subsequent natural healing replaces coagulated tissue with new tissue. This versatile new technique can achieve a rapid effect particularly good for improving wrinkles, sagginess, acne scars, and enlarged pores without any surgical methods.

Sagginess and wrinkles on eyelids
Sagginess and puffiness under eyes

Eyes by Thermage
A special eyelid tip enables precise treatment for saggy and loose skin around delicate eyelids without surgery. You can even apply make-up and resume your regular activities immediately after treatment.

The Treatment Flow

After cleansing, topical anesthetic tape is applied for one-to-two hours to reduce pain and other sensations.

An anesthetic eye drop is applied to reduce discomfort of the eye protection shields.

Eye protection shields are inserted on to the eye for protection.

Target sections are marked with square guidelines to delineate the treatment area

The Doctor begins the procedure
You may wash, apply make-up, and resume regular activities immediately after the treatment.

Sagginess and puffiness under eyes

Eyes by Thermage

A special eyelid tip enables precise treatment for saggy and loosened skin around your delicate eyelids without requiring surgery. You may even apply make-up directly after treatment and resume your regular activities.


Collagen or Hyaluronic acid filler treatment is effective for smoothing out the sagginess lines under your eyes.  An appropriate amount of filler is carefully injected to the site.
 The effect of filler treatment can be enhanced in conjunction with other tightening treatments as above

The hollows around the eyes and dark circles

Hyaluronic acid can be injected to boost the hollows around your eyes and diminish dark under-eye circles.

Eyes by Thermage

A special eyelid tip enables precise treatment for saggy and loosened skin around your delicate eyelids without requiring surgery. You may even apply make-up directly after treatment and resume your regular activities.

Laugh lines (Crow’s feet)

Botox ®injection

Botulinum toxin injections (Botox ®) temporally paralyze and relax the orbicularis oculi muscle (the muscle around your eye) to smooth out wrinkles at the corners of eyes. It is also effective for those vertical lines between your eyebrows and horizontal lines on the forehead.


Collagen or hyaluronic acid injection can diminish deep lines at the eye corners.
Botox treatment can be combined for the optimal result.

Eyes By Thermage

Radio Frequency (RF) energy is delivered only to the targeted area without damaging untreated surrounding tissues.


Q.I have had hyaluronic acid injection treatment previously. Can I still receive laser treatment?
A.Yes. However, in the case of Thermage, you may not be able to receive the treatment depending on when and where you had the injection.

Q.What are the post-treatment precautions?
A.Refrain from UV exposure and smoking.

Q.Over-the-counter sunscreens do not seem to suit for my skin. Do you have any advice?
A.We carry several types of sunscreens which are gentle enough for patients with very sensitive and delicate skin.

Q.Does “Eyes by Thermage” affect my eyeballs in any way?
No, it is a very gentle and safe procedure.
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