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Facial Sagginess

Until recently, the only option for treating Facial Sagginess was a surgical procedure called Face Lift. However, recent innovations in medical instruments have enabled more options for non-surgical face-lift treatment. The type of sagginess varies from person to person and depends on the patientís age and physical condition. At Azabu Skin Clinic, our doctor will examine your skin and provide the most effective treatment plan based on your unique skin condition and treatment preferences.

What causes facial sagginess?
Aging, free radicals, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, stress, fatigue, and smoking all contribute to your skinís aging process. As we age, collagen begins to degenerate and production of Estrogen (in woman) deteriorates. As a result, your skin gradually loses its thickness and laxity, and begins to become loose around your eyes, cheeks, and chin. UV penetration to the deeper dermis layers and chronic smoking also triggers degeneration of collagen and elastin, and accelerates skin sagginess.

Causes of Sagging Skin Checklist
□ I tend to be regularly exposed to sunlight
□ I am involved in a lot of outdoor activities
□ I do not wear sunscreen with SPF 50 or more
□ I am often under a lot of stress
□ I have very dry skin
□ I do not use moisturizers or hydrating creams
□ I am a cigarette smoker
□ I have lost a lot of weight recently
□ My diet is not nutritionally well-balanced
□ I often drink alcoholic beverages

Treatment for Sagginess

Fractional Resurfacing
Fractional resurfacing is a latest and evolutional new system in which as many as 1000+ microscopic laser beams per 1cm2 are delivered into the skin. The coagulated tissue will be replaced with new ones by natural healing process as well as the collagen
remodeling is increased by the thermal energy delivered to the dermis.
At the same time, the skin is contracted by heat, so large pore will be less pronounced, so is sagginess.
This versatile new technique is effective particularly for improvement of acne scars and enlarged pores, as well as pigmentation, wrinkles, sagginess of the skin without any surgical methods.

What is Therma Cool? Loose skin is caused by UV exposure and aging and is caused by degeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermis of the skin. Surgery has commonly been performed to achieve long-term results. However, Therma Cool uses radiofrequency waves to act on the deep part of the skin, markedly contracting the dermis and fiber tissue between subcutaneous fat tissue(septae) of the skin to improve loose skin. This latest revolutionary therapeutic device achieves a clear face-lift effect without surgery. Therma Cool has been approved by the American FDA and Canadian HPBand is very safe.

Click to play the video.
Image of light penetration Image of skin contraction
Visible image of heat energy penetration deep into the dermis and the fibers between the subcutaneous tissues Three-dimentional skincontraction
improves sagginess and skin volume.

Treatment Procedure

After cleansing, topical anesthesia tape is applied for one to two hours to dramatically reduce pain or other sensations.
An anesthetic eye drop is applied to reduce discomfort of the eye protection shields.
Eye protection shields are inserted on to the eye for protection.

Target sections are marked with square guidelines to delineate the treatment area

The Doctor begins the procedure

you may wash, apply make-up, and resume regular activities immediately after treatment. 

Treatment Options

Titan XL
Titan is the latest non-surgical facelift technology and uses Infrared light to tighten the skin. It is painless and you will feel only a mild heating sensation during the procedure. You may apply make-up and resume regular activities immediately after treatment.
Titan is an ideal first-step treatment if you are new to skin treatment procedures.

Photofacial uses Intense Pulse Light to improve the overall skin texture and tone, and reduce redness and pigmentation without damaging the skin surface. As a result, your skin regains its elasticity and smooth texture. Photofacial is an ideal treatment for fine wrinkles and pigmentation.

CET Thermotherapy (Indiva)
Radio Frequency induced thermal energy heats the deep areas of the body to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow, thereby elevating your basal metabolism and activating cellular metabolism.
CET thermotherapy is effective for improving skin texture and elasticity, and achieves a non-surgical face lift effect.
Effects can be further enhanced by combining CET with other compatible treatments.

Vitamin C Therapy ( Iontophoresis treatment)
Vitamin C is effectively delivered deep into the dermis and fibroblast cells to accelerate collagen production. This is achieved by using gentle positive and negative ionic currents to enhance penetration. The effect of Vitamin C can be enhanced by combining it with other treatments such as chemical peeling, CET thermotherapy, and other radio frequency or light treatments.

A combination of adjustable rollers and controlled suction gently and effectively folds and unfolds your skin. The continuous action of the rollers enables smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilization. This increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and helps your skin to regain its elasticity the glow.

Collagen・Hyaluronic Acid injection
Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines in combination with Thermage, and Photofacial.

Sagginess of the Neck

Droopiness of the neck area can be more noticeable as it incorporates sagginess of the face and the droopiness of the jaw-line. Also, people usually pay less attention and make less effort to protect the neck area compared to the face. Therefore, the neck tends to form more wrinkles than the face because it is more exposed to UV radiation as a result of less or no sun block or make-up.

Titan XL

Sagginess on Neck Jawline
The same treatment methods for facial sagginess are effective for the sagginess on the neck and jaw-line. And a combination treatment plan can further enhance skin improvement. Consult with our physician for more information.


Q.I would like to receive both Thermage. Can I have both treatments on the same day?
A.Yes. However, our doctor will determine the best treatment techniques depending on your skin condition. Please consult with our doctor for more detail.

Q.Are there any limitations to my activity?
A.No. You can go back to your normal activity such as taking a shower and applying make-up right after the procedure. However, for the best results after Fractional Resurfacing, we strongly recommend that you do not apply make-up on the day.

Q.Does hair removal treatment on my face interfere with any of these treatments?
A.We donít recommend laser hair removal and any of these treatments on the same day.

Q.What is the post treatment care?
A.Use sun block to avoid exposure to sunlight (UV radiation) and refrain from smoking.

Q.I have a hard time finding the correct sunscreen for my skin. What is your advice in this regard?
A.We offer several types of sunscreen gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.

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