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Pigmentation,Freckles,Sun Spots

Cause of Pigmentations

There are many types of pigmentations. And the pigmentations can be caused by many of factors externally or internally.

External Factors

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation

Your skinfs melanocytes produce the pigment melanin which protects your skin against Ultraviolet radiation. Pigment patches begin to appear when melanin containing skin cell layers are not discharged as smoothly as they should in your skinfs natural turnover process.

Inflammation and Infection
Post-inflammatory pigmentation occurs when inflammatory reactions such as acne, eczema, and burn injury triggers excessive melanin production. Use of unsuitable make-up or incorrect cleansing techniques can also cause pigmentation.

Internal Factors

Chronological Aging

As you age, your skinfs natural turnover and reproduction cycle starts to slow down. Melanin containing skin cell layer‚“ do not discharge and as smoothly as they should and pigment patches begin to form. Long term UV damage gradually results and becomes more visible as pigmentation.

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal changes occur during the menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy, and when taking birth control pills. The result is pigmentation patches known as Melasmas.

Psychological stress can cause over secretion of adrenocortical hormone which stimulates melanocytes to produce more melanin.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits
Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as poor eating habits (overeating or binging), lack of exercise, and lack of sleep can easily delay your skinfs natural turn over cycle and result in melanin build-up.

Types of pigmentation

There are many types of pigmentation as well as the causes of pigmentation.

Petaloides Actinica
ËTreatment Options
iLaser and Photofacialj
A common type of brownish-to-black colored pigmentation which erupts on the shoulders and upper back as a result of severe sunburn.
ËTreatment Options
iOral and Topical Medication, Chemical Peeling, Photofacial, and CET Thermotherapyj
A type of pigmentation or discoloration often associated with the hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy, menopause, taking oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. Commonly appears symmetrically on your cheeks, around your eyes, and under your nose.
Post-inflammatory Pigmentation
ËTreat Options
iTopical medication, Chemical Peeling, and CET Thermotherapyj
A type of pigmentation or discoloration which appears after or during the healing process of skin conditions involving inflammation such as severe acne, eczema, and burn injury.
Age Spots (Liver Spots)
ËTreatment Options
iLaser and Photofacial j
Age spots are light brownish-to-brawn pigmentation patches commonly appearing on the wide areas of your face and the back of your hands due to aging and overexposure to the sun (UV radiation).
Freckles iEphelidesj
ËTreatment Options
iLaser and Photofacial j
Scattered small light-brown pigmentation spots commonly found around your nose area. Freckles are a genetic trait and can appear as early as birth.
Riehl Melanosis
ËTreatment Option
iTopical Medication, Peeling, and Photofacialj
Blurred grayish-purple to brownish-purple pigmentation spots commonly appear on your forehead, cheekbones, and hairline. The cause of Riehl Melanosis is known to be the use of poor quality cosmetics.
Friction Melanosis
ËTreatment Options
iTopical Medication and Peelingj
Pigmentation caused by friction from excess rubbing of the skin with nylon towel or brush. Commonly seen on the skin over your collarbones, shoulders, and your spinal column.

Treatment for Pigmentation

There specific treatments or combination of treatments for each type of pigmentation. Some birthmarks are often mistaken for pigmentation. At your initial consultation, our Doctor will examine your skin to determine the most suitable and effective treatment option for your pigmentation. You can also select other options based on your preference for post-treatment reaction.

Azabu Skin Clinicfs Ultimate Melasma Solution Course

The Alexandrite Laser is used to remove sun spots or age spots. Within two to three days after your spots have been removed, a scab or crust will begin to form over the treated area. And you can expect your scab or crust to shed naturally after seven to ten days after treatment. 

‚o‚ˆ‚‚”‚‚†‚‚ƒ‚‰‚l, a high performance skin rejuvenation treatment. It works by emitting gIntense Pulse Lighth to successfully reduce the appearance of pigmentation, aging spots, teleangiectagie, fine wrinkles, acne, and acne scars. Additionally. Photofacial improves skin texture and elasticity, and reduces large pores with no resultant down time. You may even apply makeup immediately following the treatment.

Our Doctor will blend and adjust our clinicfs original blend chemicals to match your skin type and condition. Our unique gMade to Orderh peeling treatment is safe and effective, and will help to naturally freshen and brighten your skin.

CET Thermotherapy uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to heat your deep skin dermis and increase the basal metabolic rate.

Pigmentation FAQ

Q.I noticed some blurry discoloration under my eyes and nose. What is this and what treatment options are available?

A.They are Melasmas. In addition to oral and topical medication, both Photofacial and Chemical Peeling are effective treatments.

Q.I am pregnant at the moment. What treatment options are safe for me?

A.Chemical Peeling and topical medication are safe treatments during pregnancy.

Q.I used to have acne on my back. Now it has cleared but there are dark pigmentation spots on the same area. How many treatments are necessary?

A.Several seesions of Chemical Peeling once every two weeks with topical medication will be effective. The exact number of the treatments required depends on your skin condition.

Q.My natural skin complexion is dark. What clinical or home treatments are available to brighten my skin tone?

A.Chemical Peeling, CET thermotherapy, oral medication, whitening infusion, and daily use of sun block and Vitamin C-rich skincare can help brighten your natural skin tone.
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