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Stretch marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin, which first appear as reddish lines most commonly found on the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, thighs, hips and buttocks. Though initially reddish, stretch marks tend to gradually fade to a lighter color over time. They are caused by the tearing of the dermis as a result of the rapid stretching of the skin generally associated with pregnancy and obesity.
Stretch marks appear on almost 80% ~ 90% of expectant mothers during their pregnancy.
Treatments that contract the stretched dermis are effective in making stretch marks much less noticeable. White stretch marks would only be less pronounced and do not disappear completely.
There are difference in between individual.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options
The most effective treatments are those that contract the stretched dermis.
For example: 

Therma Cool uses Radio Frequency waves that act on the deep part of the skin, markedly contracting the dermis and fiber tissues. The stimulated fibroblastic cells continuously produce collagen, which results in the skin becoming smoother and thicker causing stretch marks to be less pronounced.     

2.Fractional Resurfacing
Fractional resurfacing is a latest and evolutional new system in which as many as 100~1000+ microscopic laser beams per 1cm² are delivered into the skin. The coagulated tissue will be replaced with new ones by natural healing process as well as the collagen remodeling is increased by the thermal energy delivered to the dermis. This process makes the skin smooth and stretch marks will be improved.

 Cutera Titan XL uses safe infrared light (1100nm ~ 1800nm) to heat the deep layer of the skin and works via two ways. First, the heat makes collagen immediately contract and tighten up. Secondly, stimulation to the dermis layer of the skin results in remodeling of new collagen over the next several months ultimately, tighten up from deep inside of the body. Titan XL is highly effective for improving stretch marks.   

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